Services listed below come with workmanship and parts guarantee of 12 months or 50km, whichever occurs first.

Minor Service Work: All vehicles will have air, oil & fuel filter changes every 10000kms.
Fan belts will be replaces every 20,000 kms. Brake adjustments done every 10000kms.
A service schedule for all other checks will be sent on request via email.

Major Service Work: Once your scheduled minor service work is carried and the inspection completed, any major works that are required will be booked into our workshop for the work to be carried out. We will arrange for the vehicle to be picked up and delivered back to at a time that suits both parties.

Parts Availability: When your vehicles are booked in we make sure that parts are ready.
We have access to spare parts 24 hours a day so if you have broken down again we are able to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Workshop Facilities: Registration inspections, Brake drum machining, Brake relines, Gearbox and Differential repairs, Clutch, Driveline and suspension work are just e few of the services we have to offer.

Record Keeping: Your entire vehicles details are recorded on our Equipment Register log.
This information allows us to record vehicle chassis numbers, types of vehicles (HR MR single rear axle etc) for the purpose of parts ordering, when registrations are due , when and what type of service work has been carried out.

Service Work Records: All work carried out and inspected by us is recorded and copies sent to you on a fortnightly basis along with invoices carried out during that fortnight. These records will indicate Service work carried out, Tyre inspections and fault reports.

Other Types of Repairs: As mentioned briefly already other types of services we have to offer are Curtain repairs, Auto electricians, Tyre fitters and welders.